Monday, August 9, 2021

Kanye West Asks Twitter To Help Him Identify “Fake Employee” On His Payroll

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While it seemed Kanye’s Twitter antics had calmed down, he’s back to confusing everyone with his own strange brand of communication. It isn’t strange that a billionaire in the midst of a problem-filled potential Presidential run would not know all the employees that work for him, but Kanye’s taken to Twitter to verify one of them – instead of calling HR.

Kanye’s run in New Jersey had some troubles. West submitted 1,327 signatures ahead of the July 27 deadline but two days later, a Florham Park–based elections attorney said he found hundreds of suspicious signatures with issues like no last name or people who were not registered to vote or didn’t live in New Jersey – which could be considered a crime in some states.

The hopeful candidate confounded fans once again when perhaps he found one of the “imaginary” people he’s been accused of creating for his petitions on his own payroll. Tweeting a blank picture with the name “Lauren Greenfield, Music Consultant,” Kanye asked his followers if anyone knew the “fake employee” on his payroll.

Using Google more effectively than Ye, twitter users were able to find that the woman, a photographer and filmmaker, had worked with his wife Kim Kardashian back in 1992. Another was able to apparently find one of the photographer’s pictures in Kendall Jenner’s home. Still, Kanye’s request was odd. Even more odd that he doesn’t have staff for such things, turning to Twitter to essentially potentially expose someone to the perils of social media.

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