Monday, August 9, 2021

Jess Hilarious To End ‘Jess With The Mess’ Comedy Segment Following Passing Of Chadwick Boseman

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Comedian Jess Hilarious is ending her Jess With the Mess segment for good, she says.

Jess rose to fame with her over the top brand of comedy lampooning and satirizing celebrities and other notable people in videos uploaded directly to Instagram and YouTube. Her stardom would vault her to multiple appearances on MTV’s Wild n’ Out,  a recurring role on Lil’ Rel Howery’s FOX sitcom, Rel, and a cinematic turn in I Got the Hook Up 2 last year.

Jess Hilarious cracked a joke or two on actor Chadwick Boseman’s noticeable weight loss a few months back. Boseman posted a since deleted Instagram video which raised a number of questions; none of them being related to his health, however. 

According to Jess, her son first made her aware of the disturbing news. As she posted on Instagram, “Maaaan, my son woke up a couple hours ago and said, “mommy black panther died at 11:20 pm.” Yo I told this little boy to gimme his phone and go to bed. I deleted tiktok off his phone because I thought it was some bs online filling my kid’s head. I woke up and it was real. He was HURT that HIS ONLY BLACK SUPERHERO [PASSED} *tear_emoji* I’m so sorry Chad! But you know what, you didn’t want sympathy, you wanted to show your greatness and what God could do through you while you are still here! Rest up King T’Challa *heart_emoji* *prayinghands_emoji* WE WILL FOREVER LOVE YOU!

Stricken with grief at the passing of the Black Panther star, Jess’ remorse cemented a decision that she was wrestling with for months.

Social Media patrons, the receipt-gathering collective that they are, weren’t as accepting of her mea culpa. One Twitter user posted, “JessHilarious was never a positive woman and she used her being a “comedian” as a scapegoat to ridicule people in the black community. Not only did she make a video criticizing Chadwick appearance, but she did the SAME THING to Megan a month ago!”

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