Saturday, May 20, 2023

First Daughter Sasha Obama Goes Viral On Social Media After Rapping City Girls ‘Said Sumn’ Verse on TikTok

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First Daughter Sasha Obama has managed to grow up outside of the normal glare of much that comes with being a famous daughter, but even she can’t resist the lure of social media. The now 19-year old Chicago native is now in college and is getting on the fun just like everyone else.

The youngest Obama daughter must have popped up in TikTok’s Explore algorithm due to appearing on her friend’s TikTok – rapping along to one of the biggest women-led hip-hop groups of the last couple of years, City Girls. Obama, along with her friend, knew word for word the Moneybagg Yo “Said Sumn” remix that also features rappers DaBaby.

Of course, many had something to say about the fact that Sasha knew all the words, including the raunchy ones, and that was also a shock to some – especially that she’d do that on camera, TikTok or not.

Fans began to find other clips of Sasha along with her friends on TikTok, but it seems as if she’s deleted a lot of the content since going viral this time. Fans also plead with other fans on social media to let the young woman enjoy life without making her “disappear.”

To make the moment even more special, the hip-hop group themselves retweeted the clip of Sasha and her friend rapping along to their lyrics to their 2 million followers. Their caption underscored how light this should all be taken, with them dubbing her “City Girl Sasha” in their own post.

See the post below.

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